About Me

I’m Shelly.

I am way too passionate about books, especially when it comes to YA books, romance novels, and graphic novels and manga. I also have an appreciation for a good memoir or finance book.

I have an Honours Bachelor of Art from the University of Toronto with a double major in English and Media Studies where I graduated with High Distinction. I also earned my Master of Information (MI) from the same university where I specialized in Library and Information Sciences.

I have experience in editing everything from academic essays and blog posts to novels and manga scripts. I also have project management experience based off my years of publishing know-how from interning at a literary agency to attending book conventions as a reviewer. My unique perspective as professional reviewer and librarian allows me to really identify a novel’s strength from a consumer lens.

You’re also welcome to learn more about me via my instagram profile.  In terms of personality, I often consider myself the human equivalent of a walking exclamation point.

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